Thursday, October 3, 2013

Running Wish List

After reading Janae’s post this morning about winning a Boston Marathon treadmill!... I got to thinking about what would be on my ultimate running bucket/wish list.  If money (or real life aka work…) was no object, what would I want most…

Dream treadmill – Woodway.  If the amazing Emz can run on one for 22+ hours, I think I could handle a long run or two on one!  A close second in the dream tread category would be the Boston treadmill.  How cool would that be.

Dream races – If I had all the $$ and time in the world to be gone from work, I would for sure do one of the runDisney races.  Probably the Tinkerbell half marathon!  
A Rock N Roll Series race is on my “real world” bucket list.  I hope to get one of these in within the next year or two.  I love country music, but I hear Nashville is on the hilly side?  

Gear – I shell out plenty of dollaz on my gear, but I would have an endless drawer of Pro Compression socks and sleeves and now their new arm sleeves! As Nebraska winter approaches, I will need to stock up on lots of cold weather gear to do as much outdoor running as possible.  I would have an endless supply of Nike Tempo shorts as well.  Some days I think I already do though…
Compex and 110% Play harder capris.  I am all about my recovery tools. These are just a little bit out of the price range I can justify, but they sure would rock!
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