Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nelson Wedding!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013... The big day for Sarah and Tim!! The weather was perfect, and their special day went off without a hitch! I was so happy to be part of it!

Friday we decorated the reception hall.  Sarah was very calm and cool!  I might have started throwing the empty wine bottles at people, but she was never a bridezilla :)  The hall turned out AHmazing!  I think mama Karen should go pro with her Pinterest inspired decorations!  Sarah is super creative, and I loved all of her colors.  I wish I had pictures... I will steal them as they appear on Facebook...

My beautiful bouquet made by Sarah!

I got my nails did! First manicure in foreva!

 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson on the trolley, along with their beautiful daughter Leigha!  The trolley ride was a blast!

The BEAUTIFUL bride and myself.  We stopped at Mel's and had a few drinks, and took some cool pictures.  Even some with another wedding party.  Good ol' small towns.

Rachel, the Maid of Honor, and I on the trolley!
Pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house when Rachel gave her speech!! She was nervous, but she shouldn't have been!  She did an amazing job, and the speech was so perfect!  

Finally got this guy to take a good picture.  Don't worry, he didn't appear to be taking ANY sort of note on the wedding idea thing...Sarah and Tim had a photo booth in the back of the reception, which was a  blast!  I didn't take a pic of our print out, but it was pretty hilarious.  Everyone was always lined up back there!

Congratulations Sarah and Tim!! I love you both, and wish you a lifetime of LOVE, laughter, and happiness!!  I hope you enjoyed every second of your special day!