Friday, March 7, 2014

One of THOSE runs

When bad runs happen to good people… Kidding, but really, the bad ones hit like a ton of bricks straight to the face sometimes.

I had 7 miles planned last night, and it was pretty windy outside, so I took it to the treadmill.  Truth be told, I wasn’t feeling it from the start.  I really didn’t want to run at all.  Every single step once I got going was a struggle.  I kept pushing the DOWN button on the speed, I couldn’t get focused, and just didn’t feel right.  I completely stopped the treadmill at 3 miles, got off and walked around a little.  I turned on my fan, I tried everything, another half mile and that was it.  I felt dizzy and tired, and just couldn’t put one foot in front of the other.  I cut my losses, grabbed my brand new foam roller and rolled and stretched, and called it a day.

I felt like I slogged my Wednesday night run outside too.  Some weeks are just that way.  I haven’t felt like I’ve had solid legs under me all week.  So today is a complete rest day, and hopefully I can start tomorrow’s long run off on a better foot.

In EXCITING news, I signed up for a 5 mile road race next weekend!  I ran this race last year, and it was brutally cold and windy, but still a lot of fun.  It’s St. Patty’s Day themed, and according to the website, prizes are given to the best dressed in Duck Dynasty costumes.  I don’t think I’ll put on a beard or camo for this race, but I’m excited to see the ones that do.